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Mountain Lathers

Luxe Bundle

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Treat your mom to a special gift bundle designed to make her feel extra special this year! Each bundle comes with one of the following:

⚫️ Black Lava Salt Scrub: lemongrass*, peppermint*, & clove EO's with black lava salt.

🌅 Sunrise Dreams: ylang ylang*, lavender*, & orange* EO's with dried calendula, rose clay, green clay, & paprika*.

🌲  Fir Needle & Mint -- Scented with Peppermint*, Lavender*, & Balsam Fir* essential oils. Contains French Green Clay.

💋  Citrus Lip Balm: Grapefruit* & Orange* essential oils, Sweet Almond Oil*, Cocoa Butter*, Beeswax*.

Also comes with a bamboo self draining soap dish!

Be sure to click the box to add a gift message. A special Mother's Day tag will be added and your name will be signed.



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